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Flooring Solutions That Stand the Test of Time

Image by Choong Deng Xiang


Experience timeless elegance with terrazzo flooring. Its modern appeal and robustness make it perfect for high-traffic areas. Our expertise extends to terrazzo restoration, breathing new life into older buildings.

Polished Concrete Floors

Add sophistication to your commercial space with sleek, durable polished concrete floors. Choose from multiple colors and finishes to complement your overall design, offering eco-friendly solutions.

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DND Resilient photo.png

Resilient Floors

Durable and low-maintenance, resilient floors made of luxury vinyl, linoleum, or rubber withstand heavy traffic. Choose from an array of colors and patterns to personalize your space.

Wooden Floor


Experience the durability and elegance of commercial hardwood floors, designed to endure high traffic without compromising style. Various finishes and styles available to elevate your office, retail, or commercial space.


Discover high-quality, sleek commercial carpeting offering durability and noise reduction. An extensive range of styles and colors ensures the perfect match for your space.

broadloom 2.png


For hygiene-centric areas like kitchens and high-traffic zones, Whiterock (™) offers durable and easy-to-maintain wall coverings. Select from various colors and textures for seamless, clean surfaces.

Floor Preparation and Levelling

Experience our expertise in commercial tile work, surface preparation, and levelling techniques. We employ a range of methods using premium materials to ensure your space is perfectly level for any flooring application.

Smoothing Concrete
Tennis Racket and Ball

Sports Surfaces

Create the ultimate sports surface that stands the test of time. Our premium options are tailored for peak athletic performance and safety. Experience our top-notch materials ensuring durability and easy maintenance, providing a reliable, cost-effective solution for your facility.

Historical Restorations

Preserving each building's unique history drives us. Our tailored services ensure seamless restoration, respecting and complementing historical features with precision.

Ancient Tiles

Natural Stone

Discover the beauty and resilience of natural stone flooring and walls. Elevate your commercial space with its unique aesthetics, strength, and durability, requiring minimal maintenance. Choose from marble, granite, limestone, and travertine options.


Building a lasting, safe pool foundation demands precise steps. With our extensive involvement in constructing and refinishing of numerous pools over many years, trust our deep understanding of design specifications. Choose from our diverse tile products to match your vision.

Public pools_edited.jpg
Grey Mosaic Floor

Mosaic Patterns

Enhance any space with unique mosaic patterns, custom-made or pre-designed in various sizes and colors. Our skilled team has mastered mosaic creation over the years.


Versatile and affordable, tiles offer endless design possibilities for atriums, lobbies, and bathrooms. Explore various sizes, colors, and thicknesses to customize your space.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Tactile 1.heif

Tactile Systems

Introducing Tactile Systems, where innovation meets touch. Our cutting-edge tactile solutions redefine the sensory experience, offering a seamless blend of technology and tactility. Whether it's in gaming, virtual reality, or interactive design, our systems elevate user engagement to new heights. Immerse yourself in a world where every touch is a revelation, every interaction a symphony of sensations. Tactile Systems – where the future feels extraordinary.

Epoxy system_edited.jpg


Epoxy flooring, ideal for factory, warehouse, and retail spaces, offers unmatched durability against traffic, chemicals, and spills. Choose from various colors and patterns for easy-to-maintain, chip-resistant floors.

Image by Austris Augusts

Glass Mosaic Art Installation

Installing a glass mosaic art installation for exterior application in an extreme 4 season climate requires testing system methods and practices to ensure the client's vision is not only executed correctly, but lasts the test of time.

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